my Name is BRENDA And ….
In the wakening hours of the morning mummy gave birth to me as a gift some years back as a little baby girl and they named me Angugo Brenda. I was a very anticipated child and both dad and mum wanted to really know the gender luckily I was a girl they had both yearned for a boy since we could now be 3girls. Growing up I had the favor of both dad and mum I was there little girl… Both my parents were my teachers since mum is a teacher discipline was paramount… I went with mamaa to where she used to teach so nilikua kama kibeti yake and msee angenichokoza coz kufika kwa mum ilikua haraka Sana… Primary was fine but all my life mum used to tell us my girls ‘soma kwa bidii ukue na jembe yako’ this meant alot to us coz we knew what she really meant… In 2006 mum got sick and unfortunately she went into a comma for 3months life here was like hell. Since our family was the second family dad turned his back against us and remember mum is in a comma life was hard but because we had our mum’s family to stand with us and some of our dads family including my grandpa and grandma may there souls rest in peace. We coped now we had the best headmaster he didn’t tell the Tsc about mum being sick so our second born had to stand in for mum at school. So my sisters were the people to take care of mum our second born was to look after her during the night and she was a teacher during the day too and our elder sister was the one to take care of her during the day. Life wasn’t easy but I was still my dad’s favorite everytime he was around angenipea pesa here i learnt to be a grown up and I also learnt never to depend on anyone in life but just me. On mama’s second month in coma something happened one woman came rushing to our deputy headmistress that my mum had just passed as in dead… Since it was on a weekend she used to leave next to one of my aunts who used to fry French fries in front of her shop crawling and wailing then she broke the news to my aunt, who found herself in the hot oil coz she was just from seeing mum at the hospital. Us at home we knew nothing and the next day was a Monday went to school but people kept looking at me funnily. During breaktime one of my classmates decide to ask mbona uko shule na masako aligenya I didn’t even wait amalize tulilimana viserious coz my mum was not a talking matter with anyone and during that time I wasn’t allowed to see her at the hospital saa nilikua nimekaa bila kumuona. So we were taken to the teacher on duty who didn’t know how to explain anything to me but took me to mum’s teacher friends now here I had to be told she ain’t dead she’s still fine and I just said fine. During lunch hour I went home bila kuambia anyone remember nobody is at home kumbe my teacher sister had learnt about it dio maana akuja shule that day… Here I learnt to be everything I could be and my studies also were now derailing but thanks to God mum was given another chance to be with us. By that’s time dad had come back to his senses and he was with us though the damage was already done..Now explaining to mum am so and so and am your last born and this is one two three is that was a torture to us but with God everything is possible my mum’s elder sister named Maggy was there to give us hope and to hold our hands through it all she used to live in NAIROBI but every weekend she was there with us…Now we didn’t even trust our dad as they later told me since I was young but I had grown upstairs and could understand things only the adults could do so. Life went back to normal and I finished primary in 2010 passed very well and joined high school in 2011.
Here life changed I was used to the pressure of being next to mum and ningefail tu kidogo viboko through my mum na the subject teacher now here mum ain’t there to put the pressure so wasn’t so much into books but just being a busy body… Waa kufika form two vitu zilichange got myself with a D+ cheiii hata sikujua how to go home but I gathered the courage nikaenda home kupeana report card to my mum aliniambia pea baba

mimi si mzazi wa mjinga…. Jesooo my dad looked at it then at me na akatoka kuenda bedroom not a word… Nobody ate in that house except me aii nilijiambia ishakua saa ntadu…
Suprisingly tuliambiwa turudi tuition that was dejecting? I went back to school nikajiita kamkutano and because I loved both mum and dad sikuwai fail Tena… Then tragedy struck in that form two my dad broke his leg waa now he stopped work he was an advocate and was bed ridden bytha usiwai kua kichwa ngumu in life so the docs told him he needed surgery of the hip bone ju alivunjikia hapo but my dad refused claiming he didn’t want a foreign body in his body… So we couldn’t force him and everybody thought because I was his little girl I could bring sense to him wapi… akaanza kupona kumbe dio temeanza finished high-school in 2014 passed well and got a call to University… In 2015 now mum told me we have lots of newspapers si uchangamke so na mimi nayo nayo nikaanza kuuza gazeti za dad but we didn’t want him to know coz hata jiko dio ungewasha na gazeti. So as time went by one day a certain grandma I used to sell for the newspapers came home and dad was there as always then she told me amekujia gazeti that moment I wished the ground could open up and swallow me ju my dad was fire.. Luckily I did my transaction and now left with questions to answer but Dad just told me have done well since he has never thought of selling but I ought to have told him saa nikaendelea na biashara kama kawaida now without fear. I go good grades to enable me join university but dad was still sick so nikajoin uni with the excitement and everything but olaaahh!!!
Life here wasn’t easy you know ukiwa freshaa I had my share of parte after parte but everytime dad could call he could say hizi raha mnakula Sai hata mimi nilizikula but after school first maliza shule you’ll have all the time to party but sikuskia had fun akuna artist angecome Nyahururu nikose kuattend there no Friday ungenipata kwa room either am out partying with friends or out to my sister’s for parte after parte away from school… Life was fun bythe way but then one day something happened my bestie was almost raped I thank God I wasn’t so drunk coz I used to know my limits nikipita ntableki so I had to stop either the friends or something bad could happen luckily we had our share of disagreement with my friend and we stopped being friends saa nikarudi vitabu though I knew the last month ni ya kusoma. Then in 2017 things got worse for my dad he was on and off hosy so mum dio kila kitu coz akuna msee alikua home just the two of them and my two nephews who were still young… That 2017 it wasn’t an easy journey now the families money is on dad’s treatment money was an issue though he came from a well of family but maisha ya kuomba omba akua anataka so ilibidii my mum and my two sisters wangangane at that same time my best aunt Maggy got diagnosed with cancer this changed everything since we had to stand with them as a family.. You know what cancer means but she coped but the stigma she had for herself couldn’t allow her… Life changed coz money was needed everywhere for dad and for aunt come 2018.
Early 2018 the husband to aunty maggy died may his soul rest in peace then my dad passed on as well a week later then my aunt a month later… Mimi huyo straight to depression they were my best people I loved them so dearly. My aunt was my second mum. I had to look strong but deep down I was drailing I was in my own world and music was my companion… The music hurts more when you are going through something coz they really make sense that time..maybe someone can relate??. During my dad’s funeral arrangements I learnt never to depend on anyone coz watu usahau we were left as a family to deal with the bills and everything yet he was at Aga Khan hospital where one thing had 3meanings so his rich family had that notion that he had a working family I heard and saw so many things during this time nilikua nimekonda Ile mbaya sikuli niko tu I go to class write notes and back to my room sleeping and movies tu but nililearn to leave with the pain…
Knowing about GIF
That time when life was now hard I started looking for ways to earn money ju nilikua nimeskia story za online got a guy online through Fb but alinijibu vibaya akauma block, I even got an account with upwork then 2019 Feb Miss Immaculate texted me in which I always reply to strangers but I do ask ni nani akajiintroduce and we talked the first time I was booked for a meeting unfortunately I used to have a class on Sunday those days Nyahe used to have one training session in a month and it was Sunday so nikamshow the next one ntakua so the next I was very skeptical but I was also determined to go… So nikabeba Beshte wa mine ady nikamlipia the 200bob I learnt from Akisa and John Mwangi nikaona tu mbesha… To my suprise nikaona Brian Kibet cheiii we were in the same year at school and he was earning good money waa nikasema I have to do this thing ju mimi am broke and slaying with my mum’s money.. Immaculate did a good follow up and we agreed kuanza biashara bytha sikusumbua the day we agreed for an appointment na Brian Kibet I went and I upgraded just like that.. Nikarudi kwangu so happy little did I know there was work to be done a forth year in her last semester, I have a project to do, I have classes to attend and read on them and I have my business hata sikua najua kuprospect… When Immaculate texted my contacts one of my cousins called telling vile nimewaste doo hata ningeenda tulewe yaishe little did he knew that Corona could come and I will be the person he will count on for everything.
So in April Mr Arandi and Mr Kanogo came to Nyahururu luckily it was my last Sunday and I thank God I had my last two exams on a Monday in which if my timetable was like that of others I couldn’t have met them… Waa waa waa Kanogo now opened his account alikua amefika 38k in one account hiyo dio niliskia sikutaka hata kuskia next account and he was a 3rd year nikajiuliza where have I been…. Remember the next day I had two papers and good enough one was maths based and the other was theory so Mr Arandi akaanza kunifunza from zero as if mimi ni mtoto how to get contacts ju sikua nayo hata moja just mine and I was given a 1000 contact at the end of the day wachaa na kesho nikona exams… Just did where I could nikarudi hostel read for the theory nikarudi simu ady nikafikisha then took a light sapa nikalala since most of my friends walikua washaenda home…
This was the turn over for my business, first month no money now second month am on attachment life ain’t easy there and the only day ningekua ofisi now in NAIROBI was Saturday but I thank my mentor immaculate every Saturday she was there to guide me on how to go about it.. Then my second month got one upgrade nikarenew account then third same then was done with attachment now nafaa kuenda ofisi and my sister is that over protective sister siwezi enda place without her…. Waaa so we had to survey hiyo commerce house what’s done there in which she didn’t know I used to go every Sato when she is at work but those days she ain’t at work I couldn’t really go.
Now I had to start going to the office on a daily basis
which now brought the hell out of the both of us. Everytime I came to the office on getting back home ilikua kugombanishwa Nairobi Kuna jam at my age msee anadai nifike kwa Hao kama kuku at 6pm?. Now we had to quarrel everyday like the only place I used to laugh was at the office nikifika kwa nyumba hata sijui how laughing feels like, she could talk with her colleagues wakitoka job but akifika kwa nyumba hata salamu ya mungu dio akuna it reached a point we were communicating through the phone like akuna msee anadai kuongea na mwingine if you want something you text if you call nobody picks each other’s call… It was that bad and now she involved my mum who sided with me and saa ikaanza kua issue ya community in which we used to stay with a cousin of mine in the same estate but different courts about me going to work online that’s how they termed it luckily the housemaid was a good friend so she told me about it and the day I was to be pareded for ultimatum i switched off my phone and went clubbing and came back in the wee hours of the night so it passed… Was eagerly waiting for December I go home coz we had agreed with Immaculate that come January I come back to Nairobi and stay at my own place. But our relationship with my sister was done we could all be home but not a word to each other not knowing our anger and resentfulness towards each other was breaking our mum.
Come January now am preparing to go back to Nairobi to my own place then boom…. Mum got sick and diagnosed by pressure so we as sisters had to know what’s up with her.. She told us I never brought you up like this what made you become so resentful towards each other that’s when we knew it was us who made her be in that condition… Now mending our relationship coz we both loved mum lowering our ego was the hardest thing, since we both believed we were right in different ways. Getting the money to buy what you want at your convenient time is the best thing ever keep grinding you’ll get there no matter how long it takes you’ll be there.
Lessons learnt
** My WHY kept me going no matter what I was facing back home and the anticipation of what my work could bring me at the day.
*Whichever way you want to give life meaning it will definitely be the way you want it to be.
*Family comes first no matter what you go through.
*I understand both the life of having everything you want and the life of also not having everything you think you need but the life of having everything you want is the sweetest life ever.
*Being resentful and full of anger just ain’t worth it learn to forgive if it’s something that needs forgiveness but if it’s something you can’t change learn to leave with the pain.
*Life consists of both pain and pleasure but mostly we look at the pain rather than the pleasure it brings with it but always just change your perspective of looking at it and definitely it will have a different meaning all together.

  1. To Almighty God for bringing me this far?
    2.The CEO Mr Kimathi Kamunde for providing such a fantastic platform to leverage youths from financial struggle
    3.To my Upline Mr Ibrahim may God shine on your ways always.
  2. To my mentor and my coach Ms Immaculate may God continue giving you the heart of abundance and always shine on your ways.
    5.To all my downlines those that are there and those that left. Each of you taught me lessons in different ways and May God bless all your endeavors.
  3. To Mr Kanogo for making me level up.
    I hope this inspires someone?.

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