”Hello Am Mr Emmanuel Kithusi..

” The online mentor“.. My story is not  that long but brief..

Once I came over this platform that was 2018 January I never took it for granted..

For me after graduating from high school I just became a drug addict.

Such that my relatives never minded about me at all at all.

Being a drug addict and getting bad grades in high school made me feel depressed because I just saw that my dreams will never come in to a reality because my grades couldn’t allow me get employed in any job out there.

So I came over this opportunity an  decided to make a wise decision coz I saw it had a greater future.. Adding on that it still motivated me because it’s just all about a proper mindset that is needed.. No papers or degrees needed to join the platform.. This made me so happy because I saw my dreams coming true without forgetting where I came from.. Being raised by relatives.. Having no mother or father??..

Today am so so glad of this platform because all my dreams are coming in to a reality and it makes me work more harder each and everyday to escape poverty.

So never feel depressed of your grades because nothing is impossible in life with just a proper mindset..

?And as at now.. So far so good.. The business is really paying me good.. Am able to make over 10k on a weekly basis as a form 4 graduate at the sane time pay pay my bills and stabilize my self at the age of 19 years.. Online work is incredible ?

For students out there and other  what people can tell you is that take action today.. Join our platform we are ready to offer you the full support and help you make your dreams come true..”



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