Success is indeed a journey, a mile stone, a journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step . Here is a story of someone who has achieved success in his own words under my mentorship…….

My name is Anthony Kanogo and today I consider myself successful. But what is success? To me success is reaching my goals and achieving my dreams while still inspiring others to strive to reach theirs……Growing up, I didn’t have a lot. I had all I needed but not all I wanted. Basically I could not afford the luxuries of life . I lived on the bare minimum. My dad would always encourage me , told me to dream big, told me to always “aim higher”, a phrase that was commonly used when i was young. I faced a lot of challenges every new day, I appreciate the challenges. They have made me who I am today, ambitious, aggressive and goal oriented.

These traits that were cultivated in me while I was still so young helped me perform in my academics. Yes, I did well and got to join one of the best universities around. University of Nairobi, currently in my third year of study pursuing BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS . Unemployment is rampant, even with my good grades, the future was still a mirage. One of the things I really loved in my second year, was going through social media accounts, particularly, Facebook. I love to see people achieve, that drove me to Facebook where I could see people achievements. I got motivated, I got challenged. In my heart I knew I had to be successful but my mind would always question , when? How? One pleasant Tuesday evening, while scrolling through my phone, something caught my attention. “MAKE MONEY ONLINE”…I looked deeper and there I found my treasure. For the ambitious there is always time and opportunity.

I seized the opportunity and ran with it. A wise man told me 90% success is showing up and starting. I embraced commitment, hardwork, perseverance, determination, zeal to learn more and above all to inspire others to walk the same path. Today, I bear the fruits. Having been in GIF for 15 MONTHS , I now own a big machine!!! A PERSONAL CAR , VOLKSWAGEN GOLF!! I feel fulfilled. I am delighted. I had dreamt of owning a car one day but I never imagined I could achieve soo fast. I still aim to achieve more. GIF has also made it possible for me to educate myself and educate my siblings, I enjoy luxuries that life bring. I have grown from a boy with a dream to a man who has and is continuing to conquer self and the world. I have learnt how to earn, manage money, how to interact and influence others. I am indeed greatful and wish to share this opportunity with the world.

Dare to take a risk, to control your life, dare to START and SHOW UP. learn to bloom where you are planted,life is really too short to think small. As i celebrate this latest achievement, I wish to emphasize, For the AMBITIOUS there is always TIME and OPPORTUNITY. I extend my hand to the world, to anyone who would wish to have this same experience. Winners never quit, they keep trying until they win
I wish to express my gratitude to God. His blessings upon my life are evident. To the CEO of Global Internet Fortunes, this opportunity has graced the life of many , am grateful. Mr Ibrahim Arandi from the depths of my heart, am thankful. You promised your support and true to your word you have supported me and challenged me to work an extra mile. Your steps have followed closely. Thank you. To my able team. Am proud of the ladies and gentlemen you are becoming. I challenge you to push beyond limits. To the entire online work team , you are home far from home. Am grateful.

To the entire GIF community, lets be driven by excellence. To be driven by excellence so at the end of each day, each month, each year and indeed at the end of life itself, lets ask ourselves one important question: Have we demanded enough of ourselves and by our example, inspired those around us to put forth their best effort and achieve their greatest potential?
Are you there interested to be part of this venture? I have good news for you, its not too late to get started working online (GIF)… Interested

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