They say go to school get good grades and get a good job, and life continues, but this is different for a young man in his early 20’s a student at Jomo kenyatta University of Science and Technology Samuel kimani who has decided to break the norms by venturing into an online business (business of the 21st century) Samuel makes over 50,000 shillings in the business by just doing simple tasks. ” I am not ready to finish school and start looking for a job like many other graduates this Is because the system I am using is tested and Well proven, I am in school just to get knowledge am not in school so that after I finish I go out there begging for jobs ”   Samuel says.
It does not require a genius to note that in today’s changing economy, that jobs are shrinking due to technological advancement. While other youths are hunting for jobs, others are successfully progressing in their own businesses, while, others are blaming the government, parents and school system, Samuel is already  building his own empire.

Below is samuel


You too can decide today and change your financial situation by changing your mindset like Samuel.

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