Where I went to study a Bachelors Degree Course in Strategic Management. Having done well in my studies I was still a broke but smart student looking for something I could do on part time basis as I study and make at least 2,000 kshs weekly to cater for my upkeep at campus as I was convinced beyond any considerable doubt that 4 years was a long time to wait in a broke situation to qualify for a job in an economy where getting one has become another job and a crisis. One day while on Facebook, I came  across a post that you can make money online on part time basis using your smartphone or laptop and connection to the internet. I was then a second year student, I did not hesitate to get the number and contacted the person who was a complete stranger to me  to know more about the business and how I could get the opportunity.

The gentleman invited me to attend a 3 hours training to know how the business works and how to get started. The reason why I was much interested with this business is because I  wanted to be my own boss and make my own money early in life plus I was  tired of also depending on my parents for my upkeep.
My life turned around when I showed up for the training as promised. It was a dream come true because I saw young people making fortunes with no degrees or certificates and I made up my mind immediately and got started. This is the simple reason I created this website so that I  can inspire and Motivate young people to start and run an online business rather than settle to be a servant to someone as an employee and ending up getting little than even what they settled for.

When I began I faced a lot of Rejection from my Family members and Friends but One thing that gave me confidence was Registration details of Global Internet Fortunes GIF under Company’s act 486. Secondly I Believed in myself and I knew what exactly I wanted to achieve in Life.

As a beginner, my income was around 5,000 to 10,000 weekly but as I progressed, my income grew bigger and bigger.

Income I was making as a beginner in online work.

The bitter pill to swallow is that we do not have jobs in Kenya and in case you get one,you will never get rich in a JOB. In case you do not understand this, I recommend my favorite book from my online mentor Robert T. Kiyosaki CASH FLOW QUADRANT. I have been working Online for TWO YEARS and the results are amazingly Incredible. Im not making a living Online but a fortune. Im now a graduate but I have never written a Curriculum Vitae CV since Im now a full time professional online business man and Help others to do the same. Now am making more than my fellow graduates in JOBs who have worked for even more that 3 years.

Above is a screenshot of my  commissions earning 10,000ksh on a weekly basis back in August 2018.

The reason Im in a position make such an income is because we have a duplicable SYSTEM your work  is to  just put the system to work under my mentorship.

In our company we work as a TEAM .Our  ULTIMATE  dream is to finance achieve our dreams courtesy of online work. We beleive that if you  assist just enough people get what they want in life, you will get all you  want in life.This is the simple reason we  invite you to come and have a look at the system that we use. See other peoples success working with me in online work.


My life style courtesy of online business


My experiences and expertise has enabled me to be considered one of the most successful and influential network marketing mentors, coaches and trainers in Kenya.

I have been a leader in the Network Marketing profession for 2 years. My career has given me a broad range of experience. I have been a top field producer, building sales organizations totaling over 250 distributors in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.

In equally high demand as a consultant and speaker, I run my own network marketing business that generate over 100,000 monthly.

I have also dedicated my life to being a speaker, trainer, and inspirational force. I have conducted seminars with more than 3,000 people in Kenya and always leaves my audiences inspired, empowered, and motivated.

As a trainer, I help individuals who would love to start their own network marketing businesses; giving them proper strategies that will help them grow their businesses faster.

How I Can Help You

So how is working with me different and what do you stand to gain from my interaction with you so that we are all winners?

Get You Started.

I’ll help incorporate you into the system and familiarize you with our network marketing system to give you a smooth start.

Train You.

 I’ll arm you with business skills on how to approach potential clients and win them over as well as handling rejection.

Mentor You.

I’ll give you experiential guidance, walking with you every step of the way, on your path to financial freedom.

What Some Of The People I Have Mentored Are Saying.

Stephen Kinyanjui from Eldoret.

Get what those succeeding under my mentorship and guidance in Online Work are saying. Service to many leads to greatness. Allow me to mentor you.?

Alfred Nyaga from Nakuru.

Online Work is work. My happiness is to see people I have mentored get results and transform their lives.

This is what keeps me going. Inspiring young minds to achieve success and greatness in online work. You are not an exemptiom. Im ready to guide you till you succeed and write your own story?

Francis Karanja Who Showed Me This Opportunity.

Get what my Mentor in this Business says. The Gentleman who believed in a broke 2nd year student and guided me in online work 2 years ago. We Mentor We Win.Thank you Mentor Francis?

✈To return the favor, I am giving you a chance to join my team and transform your life in the shortest time you never thought of.


and let HIM help you MAKE an extra ksh 5,000 to Ksh 15,000 on a weekly basis as you begin Part-Time or Kshs 40,000- 140,000 weekly as most of our TOP Earners.


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