How to make Ksh 10-30,000 Weekly Working Online Part Time Without Affecting Other Engagements.

Hey to you all my readers and thanks for always following up with my posts. Today I have a short but very interesting and challenging story for you. It’s about multi-tasking. It’s of a lady who is able to balance her life as an employee, student, wife and online entrepreneur.

Purity Musyoka works in a law firm as a secretary which is her full time job. She is taking a business management course part time. It happens that she is a wife and a mother of very beautiful twin daughters. To top it up, she also finds time to work online on a part time basis and her results are incredible.

Purity with her daughters. She creates time to play with them

I know you are starting to imagine that she has more hours in a day than you do! Just stop  there because we all have 24 hours a day but what matters is how you plan your day and whether you want to make something happen or you just want to make excuses because you can only have either of them.

Here is what she says about being able to balance all the above,

“First, I regret that I wasted too much time before I got started in the business. I had excuses for not having time and I really thought that I was too busy to make an extra income. I saw a post on Facebook about December 2018. I contacted Mr Thadeus Bwire and he invited me to a business seminar but since I was working somewhere else, I turned down the invitation. I thought he owed me something since he seemed to be interested in me being part of the team so I thought this guy might be after something from me.

I didn’t know how busy he was but still created time to check out on me. I later realized he had over 12,000 contacts and about 11,000 on WhastApp that needed his attention. Guess what, he makes sure each month, he talks to all the people.

In January 2019, my work flow was a bit low based on the season so I had more time just idling on each of all the social media platforms I had on my phone then boom, I bumped into a WhatsApp status update from Thadeus about a second year student at Kenyatta University who by then was making about Ksh 25,700 on a weekly basis.


I first stood up in shock  trying to remember what I was doing in my second year in campus then I was trying to figure out how much I earn currently in my job as a graduate. THINGS WERE NOT ADDING UP. I walked to one of my colleague’s desk and requested her to check out the status for me. She thought I was crazy but she asked me to link her with Thadeus because she got interested to know more about the opportunity. She was invited for a business orientation meeting and yes, she got started immediately.

I still wanted to see if it was going to work for her too. Her first whole week, she made about Ksh 3,000 and I still wanted to see what she would make in second week. She made another Ksh 4,000. I was convinced that the business was legit and people were making it.

In February 2019, I attended the training and indeed, that was the best class of my life but I can say I wasted a lot of time just doubting. Very skeptical I was. So much money I lost and even though I have made quite a good amount of money, it still pains to know that I wasted a whole 3 months from the time I learnt about the opportunity.


Currently, I still work for the law firm, I study part time and take care of my family  without anything interfering with the other. I can say that I have thought about quitting my job so many times but based on my experience, it’s better to have multiple streams of income which may mean I should find even more avenues in future but for now, I have settled for the two options.”

You got it? Waste no time trying to figure out how the online business opportunity works. Simply get 3 hours and come see what we do and how you can be part of the team.

By July 2019, she was already making about Ksh 16,000 weekly without interfering with what she was doing earlier.

Below is a screen shot from her account showing a sample of her current approximate daily earnings through online work.

Taken from her account. Earnings for a single day.

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