How An Engineer Quit His Ksh 15,000 Monthly Job to Make Ksh 30,000 Weekly Using A Smartphone

This is a story of my life. I am Thadeus Bwire – an automotive engineer by profession. I satisfactorily completed my studies in 2012 and then started working on a small business immediately I was out of school which did not pay as much Money as I really wanted.

I opted for a job in one of the automotive garages in Eldoret. It was easy to work since I had once been part of the team during my industrial attachment. I being underpaid (Ksh. 800/week) at the same time overworked since the boss there claimed I was still learning. With financial requirements I had,I QUIT the job after three weeks.

I got a job in a dairy products company as a driver. After a week of driving, 4 people in the processing department were fired for misconduct. To satisfy demand in their market, I was asked to join the few people in the processing of Yoghurt as a learner. Being a quick learner, I was able to do much of the work on my own after a few days. A lady accountant/stock controller left for her maternity leave so the company needed a replacement. I was taken through what is to be done during stock taking and balance of financial reports with claims that the task was simple compared to the complex arithmetic calculations I did in my engineering career.

It was a great challenge especially with this new task but it was awesome as I was exposed to so many opportunities and met so many people. I felt that I needed more pay than what I was being paid (Ksh 10,000/Month) by the company claiming I was using their skills to work. I quit my job as the stock controller and chose to do another small business which paid so well.

Being a go-getter, I got a job in a restaurant in the mechanical maintenance department of their vehicles with Ksh 15,000/month but later served as a driver, stock controller and at times bartender inclusive of the job I really applied for with the same salary meant for one job. This was overwhelming especially when I had to multi-task with the same salary we agreed to be for one job=> mechanical department.

I tried to save as much money as possible but I still did not make anything close to Ksh 20,000 in all the 5 months I was in the work place. One day, I decide to check out what kind of dreams I had especially on my dream home and car. The two added up to about Ksh 12M. The question was, with that kind of projection but earning Ksh15,000 and saving only 4,000 or less, how long would it take me to get there. The figures got me wondering if I was to live for more than 3 centuries just to achieve my goals.

I would take 3000 months just saving 4,000 monthly
250 years

One day as I was perusing through my Facebook feed, I landed on a post talking about how to make money online using a smartphone. At first, I didn’t take it seriously so I ignored but as luck could have it, I saw a similar post from a different person talking about the same thing. Just out of curiosity, I contacted both of them to see if it was anything serious and YES, it was and still is.

I was invited to a business meeting which I attended and that is when I realized what I really needed for my financial freedom. I asked for a 2 weeks off duty leave from my then employer to try out this new venture so that in case it failed me, I still would go back to the job.

I was assisted by my team leaders and made. Ksh 8,000 in my first week. My earnings that week was more than half my monthly salary while I was in my job and this really made me wish I knew about this kind of an opportunity immediately I completed my tertiary education. To kill your curiosity, I have never gone back to my former work place until this year, when I visited them as a customer.

Currently, I am about 3 years old in my new venture and I am willing to share with you how this works. This is the best opportunity that I can ever think of. An opportunity that gives one the chance to dictate how much they want to earn unlike in a job where what dictates how much you get paid is how the HR feels about you

My weekly earnings of about Ksh 30,000.

During my stay in the business, I can confidently say that I have been able to touch other people’s lives. Below are a few people among hundreds others that are doing well and I am ready to have another new lot to mentor and coach in working online.

Student at KU making over 25000 weekly
Samuel is a graduate from JKUAT in accountancy now working full time
Student at Nakuru KMTC working part time earning over 55,000 monthly
Dennis Waweru is a serviceman working part time from Gilgil
Margaret, Employed working part-time with Ksh 5, 000 weekly
John from Nakuru works in a wholesale shop. Works part time

I know you are motivated but something keeps the society lagging behind – DOUBTING EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY WHEN MONEY IS INVOLVED. Pluck the Mpesa codes in the screen shots and do verifications from Safaricom Customer Service then you will be in a position to affirm our legitimacy.

It has not just been the income growth, but personal development that comes with it. The transformation I got from this venture has been incredible and below is a testimonial for that.

Before GIF
After GIF

I have shared my story, not to brag as to how much I make because it is not the highest income someone ever made in the world but my joy is that I am working on my dreams at my convenience,comfort and choice. For you to have something you’ve never had,you got to do something you have never done before. I did and got what I really had not so what is holding you back?

I urge you to make the decision to invest in your future not work on someone else dreams.

Start working on your dreams as early as now because you ain’t assured of that job you passionately do for your boss. Your boss may decide to venture into a new business which you don’t have skills in,will you go back to school to to learn about his new venture?

To work with us, Whatsapp Mr Bonface via 0705316565 so that you can learn how the business works and be guided on how to get started.

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