It is a short story of a how a KMTC student by names Juliet Nyariki who stays in Kisumu and barely 22 years old, is able to earn Ksh 8-15,000 weekly without interfering with her studies. She works online part-time and below is just a little bit of what she says,

“I’m Juliet and I have been working online for the past two and half months on a part-time basis because I have classes to attend. My proffesion is NOT related to the business and at first I was worried if I was going to make it.

I saw a post regarding this opportunity through Facebook and out of curiosity, contacted the person who had posted it. I was invited to attend an exposition seminar on how to become part of the business but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do this especially after I was told to pay Ksh 200 for the training. I turned down the invitation for about a whole week but I saw the person who had invited me making some nice progress. She never forced me to attend the orientation meeting again then I realised I was losing out.

One day I had no lectures so I decided to sneak to the place without informing her that I was attending the meeting so that I just check what was happening. I learnt a lot from the presentation and decided to get started immediately. It really challenged me to know that there were some students in their first year or done just form 4 graduates getting paid about Ksh 10,000 and above weekly working part-time without affecting their studies. I know for sure, what one person can do, someone else can do and all they need is just a plan or guidance on what to do.


That guide was provided and Today am a living testimony after just 2 and a half months of working online that I can comfortably earn Ksh 8-15,000 weekly without interfering with my class work. Patting shot 

Don’t take financial advice from broke people. Even if it’s your closest friend, family member, lecturer or yourself, please don’t listen to them because some are ‘dream stealers’ and would never want to see you prosper or become better than you are now.

One of my aunts told me that these online things don’t work because since she was born, she has never seen anyone in the family nor village make money online. My simple answer was, the Era she grew up in never had the INTERNET Nor smartphones and social media platforms but today, we have all these with us so we cannot do things like they did! Just last week but one After she saw my progress, she asked me to guide her which am still reluctant but I will do someday.”

As other students are busy sleeping around, clubbing and idling at their campuses, That’s basically what this young lady is doing. Below is what she makes weekly as we speak

Just headed into her 3rd month, this lady has not hit the ground running and she is at Ksh 17,900 as per the screenshot below

Statistics show that we already have about 40,000 Kenyans who are working online and earning (Kshs.50,000) $500 per month while a Half of the American workforce, about 55 million work online.

With 28,000,000 Kenyans who have an access to internet, makes online work to be the next source of prosperity. I am willing to share the method on how one can make money on social media.

For guidance on how to become part of our business team,whatsapp mr Bonface via 0705316565 for quick assistance.

NB: No Initial experience required since we offer trainings to get you started.

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