So you have been invited to attend one of Global Internet Fortunes’ business seminars or even trained online. You are very excited to start, but do you really know what you are engaging yourself with? This post is for you. I will use GIF in place of Global Internet Fortunes.

What is Global Internet Fortunes?

Born in Kenya, GIF is a web hosting and online marketing company that operates globally. It was founded by one Mr. Kimathi Kamundeh with a mission to empower the youth through online work and reduce the unemployment gap within the country and beyond. Furthermore, it is licensed by the government of Kenya to conduct her operations. Other government bodies under which GIF operates include the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC) and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

Why has Global Internet Fortunes rebranded from its original name?

Rebranding is part of a business. Examples of companies that have rebranded include airtel from Kencel and Absa Group from Barclays Africa Group. Besides local companies, Google ( Formerly Backrub), Blackberry (Research in Motion), Sony (Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo) and eBay(AuctionWeb) have also undergone rebranding from the original names according to CNBC.

19 Famous Companies that Re-branded

Rebranding is a market strategy of product differentiation. Economists encourage such strategies in order to keep up with the dynamic market.

Global Internet Fortunes management is also cautious of her market  and in aid to better her operations, and to increase her efficiency in service to her clients, they have had to undergo some rebranding.

What Products do Global Internet Fortunes sell?

GIF offers the following to the market; Domains, 50GB Web hosting space, Blogs, E-commerce platform, email marketing tools, and re-seller license at a cost of Ksh 5500 ($55). It sells her products as a package broken down as;

  • Domain registration $10 (annually)
  • Set up Fee(of all products) $30 (one off)
  • 50GB Web hosting space + Re-seller license $15 (monthly)

Once purchased the products, GIF offers proper guidance and mentorship on how to start and run your business. The monthly subscriptions ($15) therefore come from the business and not from your pockets.

Are there People Succeeding at Global Internet Fortunes?

One way to check the validity of any venture is to track if there are others who have succeeded at it. Below are some of the people who have totally transformed their lives working online.

MPESA screenshot from Global Internet Fortunes of 59,000

Meet Mr. Antony Kanogo, a third-year economics student at the University of Nairobi making about Ksh 60,000 weekly. This translates to over Ksh 200,000 monthly. And he is now able to take care of his school fees and needs both basic and luxurious. He has grown to be an asset to his parents and siblings. 

MPESA screenshot from Global Internet Fortunes of 31,400

Mr. Francis Kamau joined online business just after his fourth form and now is making over Ksh. 120,000 monthly. As a form leaver, he is able to live his dream life. Just recently, he was able to acquire his first horse, qualifying him to be a rich cowboy.

MPESA screenshot from Global Internet Fortunes of 19,900

Besides, girl child also shining in the business. Ms. Caroline Mwende makes about Ksh. 80,000 monthly. She is, therefore, able to take care of her needs, thus raising her standards as a woman with a paycheque.

To sum it up, there are so many testimonials that I cannot place them all here with earning ranging from Ksh 7,000 to as high as Ksh 90,000 weekly.

Finally, as a lifestyle, GIF has enabled some to own their first cars and several others in waiting.

Gentleman posing besides his blue Subaru Impreza car
Ibrahim Arandi with his Subaru Impreza
Gentleman posing besides his grey Subaru Anesis car
Evans Mutea with his Subaru Anesis
Gentleman posing in-front of his grey Subaru Impreza car
Alex Macharia with his Subaru Impreza
Gentleman posing besides his white Toyota fielder car
Captain Camillus Konjalo with his Toyota Fielder
Anthony Kanogo with His Volkswagen Golf

If you were lost in doubts, I hope this article helps you see the light. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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