From Boutique Job of Ksh 8,000 Monthly To Over Ksh 60,000 Working With A Smartphone

Having satisfactorily completed her high school in the year 2014, Joyce  was happy to be free from teachers but there is something she didn’t know, she was to face LIFE OUTSIDE as teachers used to call it.
She couldn’t wait for results to be released but the go-getter in her made her start looking for some source of income to support her mum.
Fortunately, she got a job in a boutique  as an attendant with a monthly pay of Ksh 8,000 subject to deductions hence she could get around Ksh 6,700 as net income. She was so happy to earn such kind of an income bearing  in mind most of the people with whom she completed high school were still looking for what to do while she had this opportunity.
As they say, your expenditure grows with growth in your income. Her budget included a little more things than she  used to do when she didn’t have a job since her mum didn’t need  much from her so what she earned was hers to save and spend.
Since she  was staying alone in some ghetto part of  Nairobi city, she had to change the place of living, ways of dressing and a few other things including her phone.
With that, she needed some more income which her employer couldn’t provide with claims that she didn’t have the required skills to be paid what she  was asking for. She says  that’s when she remembered something said by Marc Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook, ‘If an Employer doesn’t pay his employees well, the employees will use his WiFi to look for another job’ . She  put it into practice and as she  was perusing through Facebook, she happened to stumble upon an advert  on Facebook that required serious individuals located in NAIROBI and its environs to work with the advertiser on either part-time or full-time basis. Since the person had included his contacts, she sent him a text asking for details regarding the business.
She was invited for an exposition seminar on how the business works and that is when she  fired her boss. She grabbed the opportunity and from that day her life has been a tale of a lifetime. She  has no regrets for the decision she made because she got an opportunity that has all the things she was looking for that is TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

In just a few months time and still learning about how best to do the business, she was able to make Ksh 5,000 weekly.

In a span of 4 months , she has improved her income as shown below and  tell me which boss can increase your salary in this manner I help him enter his name in the Guinness Book of Records!!

I can say nothing is as lucrative as this kind of a business. That you can choose how much you want to be paid and still choose how long you work, – TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM we all look for.

Today she is comfortable with what she makes  weekly though still work harder to get as much more as possible since the opportunity allows one to earn UNLIMITED amounts of money. All you need is work for it. Below is one  of her recent income screen shots.

This is her income at the time of writing this article which is still growing.

I shared Joyce’s story not to brag to anyone but to share with you how to change your financial situations and even if you may be earning more money than she does, don’t you think an extra income of Ksh 5,000-10,000 weekly will do you good?

One motivational speaker once said this about the people with a”POOR” mindset –  “people with a poor mindset are the hardest to deal with. They never see anything good out of anything . If the opportunity is too expensive, they say they cannot afford to risk big amounts of money and time on it. If it’s affordable but with big returns, they say it’s too cheap to be true. If you give them for free, they will say it’s a trap to lure them into something that they won’t benefit from.”

Don’t say how you can do something, let what you do tell the world how much you can.

I shared with you this opportunity because I believe you ain’t that kind of people. All it calls for is your time to understand the concept. Let’s empower each other by doing things the the RICH WAY.

We have a training program that  will help you understand how the business works. I have a few chances remaining and would like to offer Serious and Teachable Individuals Who Can Work  With No Supervision  an opportunity to work with me on full-time or part-time basis.

I will therefore train those interested and guide them on how best to do this business. Welcome and let’s do what will break the chains of overdepending on employers for everything when we have opportunities all around us that we can pluck and plug into for prosperity.

If you are looking for an opportunity to give you an extra income or looking for what to do while on long holidays, send details of your names, location and current occupation to my business number 0705316565 via WhatsApp.

To book an appointment for a training program that will help you understand how the business works, fill out the form below then Bonface mwongera will get back to you with more details.

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