Go to school get good grades and get a good job is the slogan every parent would use to their son or daughter still in the 21st century, but, would this really work at this century as may be perceived by many?
Today I have decided to share stories of Kenyan students who have beaten the odds and said things have to change. This students have decided to utilize the internet in this internet revolution times we are living in. We have already 40,000 Kenyans who are  working online and earning (Kshs.50,000) $500 per month while a Half of  the American workforce, about 55 million work online.

With 28,000,000 Kenyan who have an access to internet, makes online work to be the next source of prosperity.
Cheers to this Young Stars as they Clear the first week of GIF  by  Proving that Online Work is a paying Career in which you can make Ksh 30,000-100,000 monthly  either working Part-Time or Full-Time.


 Joyce earned 14,000 which amount to Kshs 56,000 Monthly with global internet fortunes.

 Jackie Mwende earned 24,900 which amount to 100,000 Monthly. she a first class honours nairobi university graduate who quit his teaching profession to work online full time.


 Arandi earned 49,900 weekly amount to 200,000 Monthly. he is a former business man who used to own a dry cleaner but suffered big loss.


Webster Wambaya a student earned over 10k in a week and this is what he makes weekly.


Kelvin Onyango who quit his job as a cleaner makes 30k weekly online with global internet fortunes this is real transformation.

Ariel kamwamu a graduate and Accountant by profession makes 20k online weekly with global internet fortunes, she decides not to look for jobs anymore.


Francis Karanja a business man who works this business part-time makes 14k weekly part-time with Global internet fortunes.

A cell phone or laptop with internet connection is literally all you need to begin working online from home +=.
Been doing the same in past 2 years now.

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To be successful in online work you must have a Mentor like Mr BONFACE whatsapp 0769766630, be coach-able and teachable, be willing to put forth the effort because you can reach whatever level of success you are looking for in life through online work.

 Due to this, in the next 3 months am  Mentoring 30 people online (and help them succeed as this Young Stars below) with an earning potential of  between Kshs 30,000-40,000 as they get Started.

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