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Today is such another amazing and will be a memorable day in our bussiness. We are celebrating one of our own bussiness partner in our bussiness Mr Mohamisky who has managed to achieve one of his first short term goals of owning a brandnew superbike courtesy of the results of onlinework.

Him alongside his newly owned machine in town.

Mohamisky Started his journey in online bussiness back in the year 2018 around march and within a period of less than 2 years he has been able to make such a great achievement of owning a superbike ,a brand which is rarely seen around .

The obove is a clip of him after purchasing the bike from one of the showrooms in Nairobi kenya.

He happens to be the second superbike achiever in GIF ,Global Internet fortunes after Evans Mutea who managed to get his back in 2018.

Mr Evans,managed to get his bike as a second year student courtesy of global internet fortunes doing the bussiness as a part timer due to his studies. He also managed to get his first car months later .click on thefollowing link to read more about his achievements at the age of 23 As a campus student in technical university of kenya. https://is.gd/w8AW9H

one of the top speedbikes we have in kenya

Global internet fortunes happens to be a lucrative bussiness opportunity providing time and money freedom to its members. It also happens to be among the top bussiness which are based on team work and support of everyone involved in it. Everyone is always happy to see his/her bussiness partner achieving success through the bussiness.

The CEO of gif sharing the good news about mohamiskys achievement in one of the top leaders whatsapp groups.
The CEO of gif Congratulating him ,Mohamisky, for his achievement in one of the top leaders whatsapp groups.

Mohamisky happened to come across GIF,global internet fortunes as a campus student and started working on part-time basis back then.

Him with a college in his first month in bussiness.
His before and after grid transformation in GIF.

As you can see from the obove picture,he has gone through alot of transformation after joining the gif bussiness both physically and financially.

alongside his bussiness friends.
Him alongside his bussiness partners after some months in the bussiness.

Through gif,he also managed to save money to go on holidays and relax to be able to strategize more about how to take his bussiness to the next level.

Alongside Gif He also happens to have a passion for being a model.His dressing as shown below in several occassions can cleary reveal..

Him at the annual end years party representing his nakuru team.
attending a bussiness meeting
office outfit

His Nakuru bussiness collegues celebrated with him as he launched his new machine in nakuru town.

Him trying to race with his bussiness collegue mr francis who is a horse achiever also working with GIF
Alongside him is mr francis a form four graduate working with GIf on full time basis.

Mr francis happens to be the first horse achiever courtsey of global internet fortunes.

He joined the bussiness immediately after completing his highschool studies back in 2016 and now he is among the top earners and trainers in the company

Click on the following link to get to read more about francis achievements as a form four graduate courtesy of GIF bussiness https://is.gd/AGzAjD.

in Nakuru office

His current lifestyle courtesy of GIF.

Currently he happens to be a top mentor and model to many in GIF bussiness.

Global Internet Fortunes is Currently enabling youn people to live their dream lifestyles being able to achieve their goals one after the other courtsey of the massive results they are able to get. The company as expanded it major offices to various towns to facillitate trainings to all those interested to be part of the organization. Whatsapp Mr Bonface via 0705316565 if interested to join this online work bussiness.

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