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My name is Ibrahim. I was presented to a business opportunity afew Years ago by a friend I met on Facebook. He invited me to attend a 3hr training session in Nairobi. At First I was alittle skeptical since I didn’t know the guy well but from his Facebook Profile, he looked a serious Man so I took a Leap of Faith.

My background 
I graduated from Technical University of Kenya back then Kenya Poly with an Engineering course. I however decided to venture in business. My First business was a Dry Cleaner business which was based at South C. It was doing pretty well and in a good day I could Earn 5-7K.One day a friend in need approached me and he was stuck financially . He wanted to take a loan and requested if I can be his guaranter. I agreed to help a friend. However that was my biggest mistake. After the loan was processed, the friend flew to Uganda. I was left to repay the Loan and that greatly affected my business. I had to close down.

2 months Later  I came across a business opportunity advert on Facebook on Lilian Muli’s Official Page.It was an Ecommerce business basically Online Affiliate Marketing. I didn’t have any Skills in Online Marketing. Luckily the Platform had trainings.

Lake Bogoria
Vacation at Southern Coast Mombasa
Some of My Team members

To start the business, I needed a little capital of about 5K.I didn’t have it at the moment so I borrowed from a friend actually my Ex Girlfriend.
First Month in business, I earned a Profit of about 4K after recovering back my investment. There was still hope. 2nd month my income grew to 15 K, 3rd month My income doubled to 30K and the rest is History. My no 1 Rule is   “See the invisible, believe the incredible, achieve the impossible.”
My Life Completely Changed. My Lifestyle changed as well. Comparing My online business and My conventional business, I have Peace of Mind and More so Time Freedom. Today I travel alot which is one of my hobbies.    I have also bought my first Car among many other Investments.

My First car courtesy of Online work
My Earnings on 14th Jan 2020
My Earnings on Jan 7 2020

Currently am Coaching over 1,000 young and ambitious Youths who have interest in Making Money Online. Currently my business Earns me Over 10K on a bad day. Most other members are Earning over 5K daily with beginners earning 2-3K daily. ?If you Would you Like to START an Online Business that can Earn you Ksh 100K and Above Monthly?


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