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How Global Internet Fortunes works – GIF. Your Search for Legit Ways of Making An Extra income Through Online Work Ends Here. If you are a student, Stay home Mum/Dad, Jobless, Business man/woman or Employed but looking for an Extra income, Global Internet Fortune Provides you with a Perfect Opportunity to make an Extra income.

To Learn how Global Internet Fortunes Works, I will take you through the Company profile, product and services they offer, Marketing plan and Payplan. Finally I will share testimonials.

Global Internet Fortunes is a Web Host Company that has a mission of Empowering Youths through Online Work and Reducing the Unemployment Crisis in Kenya .

Company’s Profile

Global Internet Fortunes commonly referred as GIF is A legit Company which is Registered by the Government under Company’s act as a Private Ltd Company. Its also registered by KRA. Below are the registration numbers that can help you do a research to any relevant government authority.GIF also partners with other top Companies and payment processors. This Company must vet and approve you before you partner with them.

Global Internet Fortunes offices

Nairobi (Head Office ) – Commerce House 3 rd and 4th floor along moi avenue. Call 0705316565

Nakuru Branch-Baraka Plaza 4 th Floor along Kenyatta Avenue opposite Equity Bank. Call 0705316565

Eldoret Branch – Safina Plaza 2nd Floor room S1next MKU and Kheti’s Supermarket. Call 0705316565

The Following are Certificates of Registration and Tax Compliance Certificate for the year 2020

Certificate of Global internet fortunes
Global internet fortunes Certificate of Registration under companies act 486
Global internet fortunes Tax compliance Certificate
Global Internet Fortunes tax compliance Certificate for the year 2020. Approved
Global Internet Fortunes has been in existence for the Past 7 Years and it has greatly helped thousands of People Earn Ksh 50,000 and Above Monthly. See some Photos of GIF 7th anniversary in Dec 2019
 GIF CEO addressing Members


GIF is the top Domain Registry of. Ke domains in the Country. You can Confirm this from KENIC Website Click Here

GIF offers the services of registering domain addresses and web hosting.


Once a domain is Registered, it must be propagated and Pointed to a Server. GIF hosts blogs and websites and gives you a 50GB hosting Space. GIF Also offers free training on how to customize and edit your blog/website.

Global internet fortunes also Provides all its members with an Ecommerce Platform where they can make money through blogging, online advertising and online marketing

At GIF, we use the Concept of Network marketing to move our Services to the Customers. This concept is also Called friend to friend recommendation or referral marketing. 82% of all sales that happen world wide are as a result of Referrals. Eg a Lady goes to a Salon, gets her hair done well and when she meets her friends, she will refer them to the Salon and those friends will do the same to their friends. So from only one, she can build a team of thousands of customers to the owner of the Salon. Unfortunately she doesn’t Earn from her network. At GIF you earn commission sales from your Direct Referrals and those from your Team/network


The Second way of Making money is by Selling the GIF services through the concept of Network marketing.


Now Lets get to Learn how to Earn from Global Internet Fortunes.

There are 2 ways Of Earning

1.Earn by Using GIF services

As a customer to Global internet fortunes, you will be able to make money through Online Advertising. This is where you place adverts in your blog for other Companies or individuals. Eg if you are advertising for a company like google, you register with them through google adsense and they will place adverts in your blog inform of Links or Videos. They pay you once someone clicks on the link or views the video advert. To make more money on this, you need to generate traffic to your blog. At GIF, we train you how to market your blog and drive traffic.

You can also Earn in GIF by using the services to market your personal business online. This means you will make more Profits. GIF gives you an Ecommerce website like that of Jumia or Killimall where someone can make an order online and you deliver to them.

GIF will also train you about social media branding and online marketing. With this skills you can Get hired by companies or individuals to manage their social media Platforms. We also train you how to publish articles of your interest on your blog. You never know who is reading your articles. You may get hired by magazines or newspapers to publish your articles with them.

2.Make money by Reselling the GIF services as an Agent.Agents at GIF use the concept of Network marketing or Referral marketing to Resell the Services to others. Global internet fortunes Pays its Agents for referring customers to purchase their services discussed above.

Just Like any other Agents business, you need to invest with the Company you want to partner with. Eg An Mpesa Agent will invest Ksh 40,000-100,000 to start a business in Partnership with Safaricom .

At GIF , you only invest Ksh 5,500 to start the business. This fee will Enable you get assess to GIF Services and You will also get Reseller License. This fee is used as follows ;

Domain Registration @$10 Ksh 1,000 annual fee,

One-time Setup fee @$30 Ksh 3,000. Other companies will charge you thousands of shillings to set up a blog for you. 10-15K. At GIF you only pay 3000 paid one off

To cater for the Webspace and Reseller License together with all blogging trainings, you pay @$15 Ksh 1,500 monthly .

How Global Internet Fortunes Works

How Global Internet Fortunes Works NB:Our services are paid for on monthly basis just like other services e.g. Paid TV, Internet Services, Office/HOUSERENT, DSTV ETC.


You Renew Your Subscription after 30Days of Purchasing the services at $15 Ksh 1500.This will also cater for your Reseller License

Agents get Paid when they refer a customer to Purchase the Services of the company they are representing. You get Paid by the GIF company when you Refer A customer – Someone who subscribes with the Ksh 5500 GIF services.

The following are the bonuses you Earn.


The people you refer personally are termed as your Level 1 customers. You earn $20 ksh 2,000 every time you refer a friend to Join GIF and subscribe to GIF services .There is no limit to the number of people you can refer..Example

You get 3 customer, Earn @20$CRB=60$(6,000ksh)

So by just making 3 sales you have already recovered your investment and you are running your business at a profit.

2. *Matching Bonus*
You earn $5 *ksh 500* when a new sale happens in your Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 4 & 5, you earn 3$ Ksh 300 for every person who joins your team. Then level 6& 7 you Earn 2 dollars Ksh 200

If you Refer Judy, she joins your Level
1 and you will earn $20. If she refers someone else Lets say Mark, you earn. 5$..that continues upto Level 7

USING the concept of duplication in Network Marketing, The Customers you refer also becomes an Agent

Example if you Refer 3 people and coach them how to refer each 3 you will have 9 in your Level 2. If the 9 also gets each 3. You will have 27 in your Level 3

This will be your Earnings Projection

Assume you get your First 3 Active Agents in Month 1,
Then month 2 you get 9 in level 2 & month 3 the 9 gets 27 it means by month 7 you will have earned a total of Ksh 700,000
If you Just refer 5 and Coach them how to refer each 5, this will be your potential Income by the time your team builds to Level 7

3 *Team Bonus*
Monthly Team Bonus. This is the Cash you Earn Every Month once your Team Renews their Subscription with sh 1500

All GIF members renew their subscription after 30days with ksh 1500.
You earn $1 for every renewal in your team from Level 1 to Level 7

Build your Team upto level 4 that is 850  people in your network, you will be earning $850  monthly – Ksh 85,000 monthly Renewal Bonus. 

 Build to Level 5, you will Earn over 390,000 per month.

Grow upto Level 6, you are Earning sh 1,200,000 per month and so on. Refer to the picture above.By the time your team grows to L7,  you will be Earning 9,700,000 Monthly. Even if you fail to build such a network with the power of 5, that is not everyone gets 5, assume you fail 90%  and only succeed 10%,  you will be earning ksh 970,000  Monthly. 

Remember you just brought 5 people to join GIF and taught them how to get each 5.



To get started, you need first to sign up a free account. Go to
http://www.globalinternetfortunes.comClick join free Put youngandrich01as inviters username. Use Chrome browser for fast sign up. Make sure you have an active Email. Whatsapp mr Bonface via 0705316565. Once you Finish registering, Go to your Email and Click the verification link. You will now be able to login to your account as a member.

After that, the next Part is To Upgrade your account by Paying the Sh 5500.This Cash is Meant to Purchase the GIF services and Register you as an Agent. You pay this Money Via Either Mpesa, Equitel, Airtel money, Paypal, Mastercard among others. For Mpesa follow this Process. Incase you want to use any other method, whatsapp Bonface via 0705316565



You can start with your Friends, Family members etc. Your inviter will help you with some message templates to send to your Friends. You can also advertise your. Opportunity on Social media. We shall share some of the best templates to use for advertising. You can also place some posters in your School or area of residence. With all this, you can lack your First 3 Active Members or even More.

You can Join GIF Facebook page by clicking here

Global internet fortunes pays its Members every Week on Friday via Mpesa.

On Sunday before Midnight, Login to your GIF account and Click withdraw cash Button. Initiate a withdrawal and you will be paid your Commissions the following week on Friday By 6am. Below are some screenshots of some GIF members WEEKLY Earnings. Below are Some GIF Members and their Success Story.Global Internet Fortunes has helped thousands of Kenyans start working online and Earn Ksh30,000-500,000 every Month. Below are afew of GIF members and how much they are earning Weekly.

For the Past 4years, Global Internet Fortunes has helped thousands of Kenyans start working online and Earn Ksh30,000-500,000 every Month. Below are afew of GIF members and how much they are earning Weekly.

Karoki is a Student at Kenyatta University. He started working with Global internet fortunes 2 years ago. He is Currently making Ksh 20,000 per week. See what he received on the25th January this Year. You can verify this Code from Safaricom whether that was a valid transaction. Karoki is now comfortably paying his School Fees and upkeep. He is also supporting his siblings education.
Boniface is a 2nd year Student at Multimedia university. He is now making Ksh 4,000 daily. He started work with GIF March 2018.
Linda is Currently working with Global internet fortunes on a full time basis.She is Earning Ksh12,000 weekly. That is ksh 48,000 Monthly. You can also do this
Ksh 8,200 weekly for this Beautiful Rockstar at Global internet fortunes. She works full time from Nairobi office.
Alfred from Nakuru earning Ksh 60,000 Monthly.
We.Francis is from Nakuru Just fresh from High school. He is now making Ksh 40,000-60,000 Per Week. That is Ksh 120,000- 240,000 monthlyLast year he made one of his Dream come true that is owning an award winning horse. If Francis can do it with no College education, you can make it too

GIF members Lifestyle. The following are Leaders from Eldoret traveling to meet their members at Nairobi by Air

Those are just but few we have thousands of people making money every single day with Global internet fortunes.


Global Internet Fortunes Works. Dreams are Coming to Reality through Online Work..The following are Young Kenyans who are now Driving their Dream Cars Coutesy of GIF

EVANS is a 24 year Old Who have been working online with GIF for the past 3 Years. He is awaiting to Graduate from Technical University of Kenya this Evans was Introduced to Global Internet fortunes while he was on 2nd Year. He started the business on 2014 Part time while he was studying Computer Science. Now as he graduates, He is Earning over Ksh 300,000 Monthly Online Courtesy of GIF. While other students were in the hostels playing games, sleeping around, watching Movies while wasting their money Gambling, Evans was busy building his Network with GIF. Today he has thousands of Agents in his network hence he is Earning a Residual Income Daily.
Mr Arandi has been working with Global internet fortunes for 4 years now. He bought his First brand New subaru impreza worth Millions in Cash courtesy of Global internet fortunes. 

Camillas 20181005_013554
Camilas was selling Insurance before he was introduced to Global internet fortunes by a friend on Facebook. Now he makes over Ksh 300,000 monthly. He just bought his First car worth 1.4Million
Alex Macharia the Author and Publisher of this Blog workonline.Co.Ke. Is A fresh Graduate from University of Nairobi who is a teacher by Profession. He quit his career to work online. Last year he Bought a brand New Subaru Impreza after saving only for 5 months. This dream could have taken him maybe 20 years if he chose to become a high school teacher

A Lady with a car courtesy of Global internet fortunes
Carol Mwende was Employed before Joining Global internet fortunes. She was being paid ksh 25,000 monthly. She started working with GIF part time and after 5 Months, she Joined on a Full time basis. She jist bought her first car KCW 986 U. Another proof that Global internet fortunes works for Ladies too. Carol is Earning over 60K weekly. See her screenshot below
Mpesa message

If they Did it You can Also Do it  The best Time to Get Started is Now .The Testimonials are a fact that Global internet fortunes works. 

I hope now you understand how Global Internet Fortunes Works. Its time to Experience the real comfort of working from home /online. Set your own time and be your Boss. Earn 2,000-10,000 daily. Training and resources to help get started are accessible .Comment below with Am Interested or Whatsapp Mr Bonface via 0705316565 for quick assistance on how to get started.

You can as well leave a powerful coment below incase you were inspired and as well ready to get started.


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