''My name is Pauline Njoroge born and raised in Murang’a. I have done supply chain management (procurement) but I have never practiced it.

Since I was a small girl I always used to admire successful women and wanted to be one of them.

When I joined college wanted to make my own money so that I could cater for my upkeep rather than asking for transport everyday from my parents.

I was actively looking for something I could do part time as I study. Luckily I got a job as a sales representative in a very busy shop.

I worked for one and half months and I couldn’t balance the job and my studies hence I called it a quit to the job.

After a few months a friend connected me to an online business, I didn’t know anything about online work but I decided to give it a trial.

I was invited to a 3hrs getting started training and I liked everything about that opportunity. I started immediately, during my first year in business I was able to pay my own school fees and cater for my upkeep.

My weekly income back in 2017

Now it’s been over 2 years working online and am very excited about this business.


Due to my huge following on my social media platforms, I have gotten deals as a social media manager with 2 companies and this has helped me also open my own company.


Not forgetting been able to travel across the country courtesy of online work.

a screenshot of approximately how much i earn daily working online
with my team in an end year party
with some of my team members in kisumu
with our CEO And my fellow team leaders.

Currently am taking home Kshs 6,200 =43,000 weekly. For you to succeed in online work you just need a smartphone ? and  someone who has done it before to guide you. You don’t have to be great but you start to be great.''

If you would like to be Guided on How To Get Started Either Call Mr Bonface VIA 0705316565 ,

or leave a comment below.

3 Replies to “From A Procurement Officer To A Social Media Influencer”

  1. Is it must that you should have someone to guide you..ed how this thing works coz alot of people say its a scam is that true?..for me i could be interested to be part of your team

    1. hello andrew..
      for more clarifications and guidance on how to get started send your name and current location to mr bonface via 0705316565.

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